Solar Magazine – Naga Solar enters joint venture: 4 GW peak solar parks in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom

Naga Solar, AGP and Hardy Partners join forces with AMPYR Solar Europe (ASE). The company has 4 gigawatt peak solar parks in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The joint venture will provide institutional investors with the opportunity to raise more than 1 1 billion in capital for solar energy.

Institutional investors
Within AMPYR Solar Europe, Naga Solar contributes to its local knowledge and land development, while AGP offers its experience in developing large-scale renewable energy projects and Hardry its advanced energy business analysis.

3 companies report that the combination of this expertise will accelerate the development of solar energy potential. “We are very pleased to partner with AGP and Naga on this entrepreneurial joint venture,” said Stephen Hendell, one of the founders of Hartree. “The proposed growth rate will significantly meet Europe’s solar potential and allow institutional investors to use the various capabilities that ASE brings together in infrastructure.”

In the Asia-Pacific region, our team has developed one of the largest fixed bases for institutional investors in the region and has provided more than 3 GW of renewable energy projects. This experience and track record gives us every confidence in our ability to turn this ambitious European company into a great success, ”said AGP Founder Rajpal Singh Chaudhary. “We are pleased to be expanding our footprint from our Asian roots to Europe.”

Batteries and hydrogen
According to the concerned parties, it is very difficult to find suitable places for the development of sustainable energy projects with reduced government subsidies. “In order to continue to generate strong, sustainable solar revenue, we hope investors must use capital prior to the development process and embrace new technologies such as batteries and hydrogen,” said Henny Belchers, CEO of Naga Solar. “By partnering with AGP and Hardy, we will be able to accelerate and expand the number of sites we can build ourselves, and quickly deploy the capital needed to build a large portfolio of attractive solar investment opportunities. ‘

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