Son of Capitol Stormer reports his father to the FBI

The 18-year-old son of a big Trump fan reported his father to the FBI. The man was seen in photos with a camera during the storming of the Washington Capitol building early this month. When he saw himself in the footage, he would have threatened his family if they reported him.

Jay Rivett, 48, from Texas, is said to have told his family: “You know what happens to traitors who get shot.” He had identified himself in the photos of the storming of the Capitol and was afraid that his family would rock him and report it to the police. But his son Jackson went to the authorities even before his father threatened. Revit was arrested at his home in Texas. His son now lives in hiding in a secret location. This is what writes the New York Times.

The boy has not spoken to his father since his arrest. Although he will, according to US media. The teenager says he feels guilty about going to the security services, but “he will do it again.” “It was my moral compass to do what I thought would protect not only my family but also my father himself.”

On Trump, Jackson says: “ Obviously, the man in charge at the time, I feel, had really manipulated him into thinking what (His father, editor) Now he thinks. ”The teen started a crowdfunding campaign for herself. This has already earned him over $ 100,000 in donations from people who value his work. Jackson wants to use the money to pay for his education.

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