Spain permanently withdraws its ambassador from Buenos Aires after insults from Argentine President Javier Miley

Miley’s statements angered many Spanish politicians. Economy Minister Carlos Cuerpo described the insults as a “direct attack” on Spanish institutions and democracy. Deputy Prime Minister María Jesús Montero speaks of “unbearable” and “dangerous” words from the Argentine president.

Somare, a political coalition of about 15 left-wing parties, announced that it supports the ambassador’s withdrawal. The spokesman says Miley showed disrespect towards Spaniards.

The right side of the political spectrum calls for calm. Leader of the Conservative People’s Party (Popular Party, Mr. Dr.) Alberto Nuñez Viejo asks the Prime Minister not to overreact to Miley’s words.

Sanchez is also accused of exploiting the diplomatic dispute to his advantage. Figo said on the social media platform In addition, the PP asks not to forget the trade relations with Argentina and the thousands of Spaniards present in the country.

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