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At a zoo in the Spanish city of Cabarcino, an elephant killed a keeper. Joaquín Gutiérrez Arnáiz (44) was cleaning the elephant’s enclosure on Tuesday when he hit the animal’s torso. The heavy blow hit his head against the fence. Spanish media reported that the victim later died in hospital.

At the time of the tragic accident, a 4,000-pound female elephant was standing with her calf in an intermediate security lane. Two of their caretakers who were also in the fence at the time were not injured.

Exactly what happened three days ago at Parque de la Naturaleza is still under investigation. For now, it is only certain that Gutierrez Arnies hit the elephant’s torso, and consequently its head hit an iron fence. After the accident, he was taken to hospital by ambulance. There he eventually died of his wounds.

Twenty years of experience

A zookeeper has worked with the elephants at the zoo for nearly 20 years. Currently twenty thighs live together in a natural environment of 35 hectares. It’s the first fatal accident in the zoo in 31 years.

In early February, a keeper died in a Ukrainian zoo Tiger attack. The 47-year-old was feeding animals when he was bitten in the neck. He had violated security rules by entering the house alone.

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