Spider-Man finally comes to Marvel’s Avengers…without story missions

After several months of waiting, Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel’s Avengers. However, it is now clear that fans will have to adjust their expectations a little.

It’s now been August 2020 (!) since Spider-Man was revealed as a DLC (PlayStation Exclusive). From November 30, it’s finally time, because then the character will be added to the game via an update. from Interview with IGN However, it turns out that fans have to adjust their (high) expectations for DLC.

In the interview, game director Philip Terrain stated that Spider-Man DLC comes with a story, but the story is told through audio logs and some brief scenes. This content can be unlocked through the Avengers Initiative multiplayer missions. DLC does not come with its own story missions.

“We wanted to focus primarily on content that everyone can enjoy, so we invested a lot of energy into the Klaw raid being launched at the same time.”

Philip Terrain

Aside from the lack of story missions, the character mechanics don’t seem to work that well either. IGN’s first gameplay footage shows Spider-Man bouncing around the streets much less gracefully than Insomniac Spider-Man from Marvel. The combat also looks very tough.

The fact that the addition of Spider-Man is so small is a huge disappointment for PlayStation gamers. On the other hand, those who play Marvel’s Avengers on another platform are relieved to see that they don’t have much to miss.

Spider-Man will be available on November 30 as part of the Marvel’s Avengers 2.2 patch. This patch also adds a new raid for 4 players. In that raid, you will face the evil Claw. The patch will appear on all platforms, but only the PlayStation platform will get Spider-Man.

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