Spiders creep into our homes, get rid of them with these home remedies To clean

September is spider month. These creatures then creep into your home in large numbers. No problem, says cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp. “Don’t kill them. They do a very useful job.” But you can keep spiders away by using peppermint oil and dishwashing liquid, for example.

In September, you’ll see spiders in the house more often, says Marja. “Why? The warm summer is over and the female spiders are starting to feel cold. So they come into our homes, where it’s nice and warm. The males also mature in the summer and naturally follow the females to create baby spiders.”

“No matter how clean you are, about a thousand spiders live in every home, biologists say. They hide behind baseboards, cracks, cabinets or your sofa. In fact, behind everything that lies a little on the wall. Did you know that about 70 percent of people “Afraid of spiders? However, spiders don’t really do anything. If you see a spider, just take a piece of paper and put it outside.”

Marja keeps saying that the spiders are doing a really good job. “They eat the insects in your house. If it weren’t for spiders we would already have a huge insect plague. But they also eat mold and crumbs. So they’re real cleaners.”

Reduce the number of spiders

Do you want fewer spiders in your home? Then keep a close eye on the humidity in your home, the cleaning expert says. “Spiders love moisture. So ventilate your house, I can’t say that much. It’s better for your house and your health. With a hygrometer you can find out how humid your house is.”

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Spiders do their thing in the house, but that also means spider webs and spider feces.

Cleaning expert Marja Middeldorp

Keep spiders at bay

Anyone who gets crawling from spiders can keep them away with some helpful home remedies. “You can put some peppermint oil with a little dishwashing liquid in a spray bottle,” Marja advises. “You spray that in all the cracks and holes. The spiders don’t really like that so they withdraw.

What eight-legged animals also don’t like is the smell of vinegar. “They don’t like acidic air. A small bowl of household vinegar keeps them in the background.

Additionally, according to Maria, it’s important to vacuum more often this time of year. “Then no doubt it will also suck up the little spiders, you can’t prevent that. This might cause the bag to smell bad, so replace it a little earlier than usual. Just like your trash can. Spiders are attracted to that. All you have to do is use a bag Smaller waste so you can empty it sooner.

If you don’t want to see spiders scurrying across your countertop, it’s important to keep it clean. “Spiders come to life mainly in the evening and at night. Make sure your worktop is clean in the evening and don’t leave dirty cutlery or dishes around. Do you have a fruit bowl containing a ripe banana for example? Spiders like that too. Cover it with cling film In the evening.

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Removing spider feces

Spiders do their thing in the house, but that also means spider webs and spider feces. “Then you see those little black dots. This time of year, it’s very important to check your lampshades often as you remove the dust. If the ends aren’t hard yet, take a towel and dip it in lukewarm water. Use this to clean it. I usually don’t.” “They’re very small spots, and by rubbing them you make them larger. If the stool is hard, you can usually scrape it off with a teaspoon. It’s best to remove the cobwebs with a long-handled spider brush.”

Marja thinks there’s definitely no need to be afraid of spiders. “Because if you see a spider in the morning, you will have a good time all day.”

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