Spirittea has “over 100 hours of content” thanks to Game Pass

While October was ridiculously busy this year, the extremely hectic November has slowed down. One of the games released this month is Spirittea, a game often compared to a Spirited Away-themed version of Stardew Valley.

It’s been very well received overall (we’re still working on our review), and it seems like a good start. In a series of X posts, Mike Rose – founder of indie publisher No More Robots – had a lot of interesting details to share about the release. It turns out, among other things, that the game is largely missing from YouTube, because YouTubers didn’t want to pay to stream his game:

“Look, I get it – this is the way things are now. YouTubers want you to pay them to cover your games. Well, sure. But I don’t want to. It seems weird and dishonest and insincere, and I can just ‘Don’t do it.’ So I guess our games won’t be covered on YouTube anymore!”

Rose also says they already have 150,000 players in the game, which became profitable on its first day and is online. Top sales chart on Switch Situations. Spirittea is currently available for PC, Switch, Xbox, and console versions “It represents 80% of revenue.” This is the opposite of what is usually the case, He says“But it is expected that more and more AAA titles will be released on Steam as major publishers.”“You failed to enable non-Steam PC platforms” – This makes it difficult to contact Indians.

Another interesting nugget is that he says: “Game Pass (as usual) has been huge for us.” With over 100,000 players, the deal actually helped improve the game for everyone as it added more content:

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“Spirittea was actually supposed to launch in 2022, but after we got the Game Pass deal, we decided to make this thing bigger and better — hence the delay to 2023 and over 100 hours of content.”

As mentioned earlier, we’re currently working on our review and will get back to you soon with our full impressions. Have you tried soul tea yet?

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