Spirittea releases update 1.0.3 for Switch with over 100 fixes

In the weeks since its launch, Cheesemaster Games has been a beehive of activity. Things got off to a great start for the small studio with the cross-platform launch of Spirittea, and now that PC players have access to some updates, it’s time for console players on Nintendo Switch and Xbox Game Pass to get theirs as well.

It looks like players on Microsoft’s console (and also on PC Game Pass) are getting the same patch today, but Spirittea pool managers on Switch have already Update 1.0.3 Available, which refers to up to 100 bug fixes previously tested on the Steam version. The patch notes shared on the Discord channel highlight the following improvements:

  • Fixed an issue where soul vision would sometimes freeze
  • Karaoke just got easier – there are now fewer annoying octopuses and we’ve rebalanced what’s considered correct and incorrect!
  • Fishing just got easier, with bigger, clearer signs to keep you on track (and you won’t get stuck if you fish in a strange place!)
  • Fixed the issue where you might get stuck while fishing (and not just because it’s addictive!!)
  • A host of new animations and sounds have been added, including insects fluttering, ghosts turning into goo, and NPCs taking a nap!
  • Make sure Faye always calls you by your correct name (who is Dan anyway??)
  • I have ensured that if your stamina reaches 0, the game will still work as intended
  • Fixed a whole host of issues with towels. Lost towels? The game now has you covered! Do you have wet towels and nowhere to put them? The wet towel table now doubles as storage!
  • Speaking of storage, we’ve tripled your storage space, so go crazy fishing and stealing people’s slippers!
  • Dozens and dozens of other fixes and new additions!

As mentioned earlier, the PC version is the fastest moving in terms of patches and improvements, and PC reviews are already predicting what we’ll see in the console version in the future as well:

  • Miku and Amelia no longer overlap when preparing kimchi
  • The controls and difficulty of the karaoke mini game just got a little easier
  • You can’t sell some shrine items anymore, you idiots
  • Sora is now calling you by your name
  • The stinking statue is no longer called a solar watermelon!
  • You can’t accidentally put towels in your backpack
  • Fixed more issues with disappearing towels
  • These last two statues now count, even if you already have them
  • Many crashes have been fixed
  • Lee’s talking to you now, you bastard
  • Songs will no longer be on top of each other
  • When you cook at home, you now see the extra storage space
  • That damned “Autumn is Coming” sign won’t be showing up everywhere anymore

We’re currently finalizing our full review of Spirittea over at Gamereactor, and we’ll try to test these latest improvements to our game and let you know what we think.

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