Split Screen Street View feature finally arrives on Google Maps for Android devices [APK Download]

In the past, when I had to use Street View, I would usually try to go to the desktop. Although the Street View function in Google Maps on Android is successful, its use is often confusing just because I can’t see my destination. Google finally added a split view mode for Street View on Android, which makes using the feature a lot easier.

To use the split screen view, simply click on the Street View window when you find the appropriate place in Google Maps, then click the circular expand / condensate button that appears at the bottom right of the Street View. Once in split view, you will see your location on the map, as well as the direction you’re facing. It works in landscapes, as you can see in the portrait of the hero, although portrait orientation looks a lot easier here. Also, note the placeholders for Street View, although it’s not entirely new.

How did Street View look like on Android?

We see this new demo on Maps v10.59.1, which you can download from APK Mirror HereSplit screen view appears to be available for everyone. The two screenshots above show the old UI in version 10.43.7; You can see the apparent lack of expand / condensate for the split view button in it. Google took a while to implement this, but we’re glad it’s finally here.

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