Sports and adventure in Great Britain

Great Britain is famous for its many sporting events. From Premier League football in ultra-modern stadiums to the highest levels of tennis at world-famous Wimbledon, to the Royal Ascot horse race, the Six Nations rugby tournament and golf. There are always great sporting events to enjoy. Experience legendary competitions on the water at the famous Henley Regatta, and for first-class cricket, go to Lord’s in London.

Get a glimpse behind the scenes of a tournament during a surprise tour of one of the stadiums. You can also dine imaginatively at the Woolwich Restaurant at the Emirates Stadium, and at Tottenham Hotspur you’ll find the ‘Dare Skywalk’, with a stunning view of the capital.

In Great Britain, there is fierce competition for unique prizes, including the Cooper’s Chase Rolling cheese In Gloucestershire or the World Championship Diving in swamps In the muddy waters of Wales. Adventurers can enjoy the coast, in the countryside and on the water. For example, you could go wild swimming in the Lake District, moonlit kayaking in London, swimming in Pembrokeshire, or surfing at The Wave in Bristol.

Embark on an adventure in Great Britain as a fan at a major tournament or by taking on new challenges. We know the way.

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