Sports doctor on the Red Devils: “A percentage can make a difference in major sports, there is no reason for us to refuse a vaccine”

In recent weeks, the Society of Sports Physicians and Examination has received some echoes from sports physicians stating that there is sometimes a temporary loss of shape in top athletes, but there is not a lot of conclusive data on the subject and no publication has been issued yet. It’s likely only a temporary, rare phenomenon, so it’s still too early to draw conclusions about it, Tulingiks said, but medical staff may have taken that into account.

However, it should be clear, he said, that this consideration certainly does not apply to recreational athletes, after all it is probably about a few percent. The recreational athlete shouldn’t overlook a vaccine for their performance, no matter how important it is to them, but they should definitely opt for a vaccine, Tuolingx says.

He said the Red Devils’ decisions should certainly not be an example for the general public not to get vaccinated. This is about premium sports, said Tuolingx, where people really work in percentages and everything is carefully considered, but in the end the immunity of our group is formed by the general population and not by 20 or 25 red devils, let this be clear. And if you really want to lose shape, your shape has clearly been shown to drop if you have COVID-19 or get sick, you could suffer permanent damage and could also suffer from heart problems. He said that going through Covid is still more harmful than the potential side effects of a vaccine.

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