Spotify introduces “Just You” section and mixes with playlist for two

Spotify music service scores each year with Wrapped Overview, an annual overview with the best listened music. Today, Spotify offers a bunch of new features. Think “Only You” section and the new Spotify mix.

Spotify: Only you

“Only You” is the new Spotify feature that you can use from now on. In the Netherlands the job is called “only you” and sums up How listen instead of what or what You are listening, as shown with Spotify Wrapped. With “Only You” you gain insight into your music taste. By clicking on the large map at the top of the screen, you will get an overview of your favorite artists and tracks. The Audio Birth Chart will be displayed. Spotify says the following about this;

  • Your birth voice card: brought to life by three artists you listen to, consisting of: Sun sign: The artist I’ve listened to the most in the past six months. On the road: The artist that shows your emotions. next sign: The artist I recently discovered.
  • your dinner: A personal Spotify mix of artists you’ll invite to your dream dinner.
  • Your favorite duets: Music duets you’ve listened to recently that showcase your musical taste. For example, who else would play “Greta Van Fleet” right after “Olivia Rodrigo”?
  • Mixes your decade: How did you go through the years musically?
  • your music day: The music and podcasts you listen to in the early morning or late at night.
  • Your kind mixesHow does your taste in music and podcasts distinguish you from others?

Under this map, you can access different playlists tailored to the user. Think of a special mix made up based on your listening behavior. There is also a mix of decades, mixes of genres and mingling of “Your Own Dinner” with the artists you’ll invite to your dream dinner.

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Spotify mix

New with the announcement is Spotify Blend. This function can also be found in the Only You Center. You can create a playlist with it for both of you. This can be any Spotify user; So not only your partner, but also your colleague, boyfriend, girlfriend or maybe your mother. According to Spotify, you should be able to experience how your musical tastes combine in this way. Depending on the listening behavior of both users, the list is supplemented daily with new music.

Spotify mix

You can now find new jobs directly in the Spotify app.

Spotify - Music and Podcasts
Spotify - Music and Podcasts

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