Spotify launches new feature My Spotify

Music streaming service Spotify has launched a new feature with My Spotify. It seems to be a service suspiciously reminiscent of the popular Spotify Wrapped, but it can be accessed for an entire year. At the moment, this new gadget will not arrive in Belgium yet.

In the news: Spotify just got the new feature My Spotify Proposal. The music streaming service wants to make its services more personalized for users.

“Personalization is one of the Spotify features that listeners love so much. That’s why we constantly strive to show the right content at the right time. We know that listeners have built their own worlds on Spotify that can’t be replicated anywhere else. We’re excited that fans can discover the features through My Spotify that will make these worlds more special.”

My Spotify

The new My Spotify feature will keep users informed of their listening behavior via streamers. These banners will be visible on the home page. This relates to information about specific artists, genres, and other information about your listening behavior. There is also information on exactly when to listen to what.

  • You also get the chance to have what looks like a radio station that has been integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) based on all that personal information. You will then hear music that suits your musical taste.
  • In “Made for You” you will see your personal playlists.

Spotify wrapped: Spotify obviously took inspiration from Spotify Wrapped to launch this new feature. This personal annual overview is available to all users every December for several years. With My Spotify, you can now get a similar overview that you can see all year long.

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butMy Spotify will first launch in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the US and the UK. It has not yet been announced when Belgium’s turn will be.

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