Spotify wants to save your vacation with a cool new post

When you go on vacation, a great playlist is a must. Spotify will soon make it easier to play music while traveling, thanks to a new feature.

Spotify is developing a new personal playlist called “Offline Mix”. All songs in this mix will be automatically downloaded to your smartphone. So you can listen to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Even on vacation.

Spotify’s new offline mix

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek posted a screenshot of the brand new feature on his Twitter account. Hardly any details are available, but there are a number of eye-catching clues.

First of all, the Offline Mix streaming service seems to be amassing a ton of songs. After all, the playlist Ek shared is more than three hours long. The playlist is grouped based on the music you’ve listened to recently. This way, you can still listen to your favorite music on your phone, without having to go online on vacation.

You don’t have to do anything on vacation anymore

Downloading music on Spotify has been possible for years. But then you often have to manually select a song or album. In Offline Mix, it appears that the same streaming service is already doing this work for you before your vacation.

You can compare them a little With smart downloads From YouTube Music. This allows you to automatically download five hundred songs to your smartphone. YouTube chooses music based on what you’ve listened to and genres you like.

Spotify is acting ambiguous

However, much information about this new feature is still a mystery. Spotify keeps its jaws clenched. Therefore, we have to be patient and postpone our vacation for the time being.

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Spotify is the most important music streaming service for many people. But there are more than enough alternatives. One even has better sound quality. You discover them all.

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Spotify wants to save your vacation with a cool new post

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