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Can African fish help prevent brain aging in humans? How does physics make playing the saxophone easier? And can speech therapy help transgender women with their transition? This is just a glimpse of the impressive body of research from the selection of the Flemish Doctoral Cup 2023, a competition for new doctors. For this eighth edition, a ten-member jury reviewed 53 entries and selected sixteen candidates (see below).

Children’s inspiration

Robot engineer Ellen roles (VUB), an anthology, explains its participation: “A lot of scientific research is funded by tax money. This is why I believe it is important to inform the public of the findings of my research. I also hope to inspire children to become scientists. In the PhD Cup, Rawls and her fellow candidates face the challenging task of summarizing the essence of their many years of doctoral research in a clear, three-minute presentation.

intellectual achievement

“It’s a challenge to quickly and efficiently explain to people what something means to them, what’s important and what it’s actually about. For an academic, that’s difficult because things are subtle and complex. But it’s an intellectual achievement to be clear,” says Tim Bowles (VRT NWS). Together with his VRT colleagues Koen Wauters and Jacotte Brokken, he will prepare the 16 candidates for this challenge with a four-day media training.

Premiere in Brussels

The peak comes on October 19. That evening, the eight finalists took to the stage of the Vaudeville Theater in Brussels. Under the eyes of a jury comprising Levin Vandenhout (Radio 1) and Katelyn Bracke (University of Flanders), they compete for the main prize: a €5,000 voucher for the Vlerik Business School and an invitation to watch a video lecture for students of the Vlerik Business School. The University of Flanders and the opportunity to publish a book in Academia Press.

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Wondering which nominees will receive a standing ovation and who will ultimately play the leading role? Come to the Final in Brussels or catch it live on VRT MAX.

selected sixteen

Eileen Veriken (Structural Engineer – KU Leuven / UGent)

Julian Gables (Historian – University of Leuven)

Derek Coppeters (Engineer – VUB)

Teal’c Nellis (philologist – KU Leuven / FWO)

Tim Bogaerts (world of pharmacy – UAntwerp)

Anneliese Augustine (literary – UAntwerp / VUB / FWO)

Clara Lenz (speech therapist – UGent)

Peter Sinden (mathematician – KU Leuven – Kulak / FWO)

Mary Decock (legal scholar – Uhasselt / FWO)

Ennis Okchini (physicist – UAntwerp)

Nathan Carpenter (Chemical engineer – Ghent University)

Christine Verbeke (Astrophysicist – University of Leuven)

Thomas Decrow (crypto – University of Leuven)

Julian Van Hook (Biologist – University of Leuven)

Ellen roles (Robot Engineer – VUB)

Julian Boys (Marine biologist – UGent / ILVO)

Find out all the candidates at

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