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Widgets in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15

Last year, Apple introduced the iOS 14 All-new widgets: Blocks of useful information that you can place anywhere on the home screen. There are different shapes and sizes and developers can bring all kinds of features from their apps to tools. Although it is at the base of the system in iOS 15 Nothing changes, Apple has some gadget improvements in iOS 15 and iPad 15 Before.

#1 Widgets on the iPad Home Screen
Suitable for: iPadOS 15
an Apple It brought new design tools to the iPad last year as well, but the options were pretty limited. You can’t like Iphone Place the widgets on the home screen, so I was bound by the separate overview and a fixed column to the left of the first home screen. In iPadOS 15, it’s finally possible to put all the widgets anywhere on the home screen, just between apps. You have exactly the same options as in Iphone And all applications that contain immediately suitable tools.

By the way, an overview of the separate widget on the iPad is also still available. It is no longer possible to pin the scrollable widget list to only the first home screen. If you want to always display a widget, just place it somewhere on your home screen. You can now also create a very separate home screen using only widgets.

#2 Big New Gadget XXL on iPad
Suitable for: iPadOS 15
an Apple It also comes with a new sized widget, exclusive to IPAD. The TV, Game Center, and Files app, among others, contains this large XXL tool. This size measures two app icons high and four wide, maximizing the use of the iPad’s large screen. With the Large Files tool, you can view fifteen recent documents, which you can then open directly from the home screen on your iPad.

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Widgets on iPadOS 15

#3 New default app tools
Suitable for: iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey
Apple also introduced several default apps with new style widgets for the first time. In total, six new apps in iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 received gadgets:

  • find
  • Contacts
  • Mail
  • asleep
  • game center
  • App Store

iOS 15: New App Tools.

at macOS Monterey provided Apple with tool support only for Find My. Find My allows you to view the location of objects (eg via AirTag) from the home screen, but you can also check the location of people. The Contacts widget is a replacement for the old phone widget, but unfortunately it doesn’t allow you to contact someone right away. You can view the selected person’s contact card, with which you can call, send a message and enter the shared content iMessage can watch.

For the Mail app, you can check the latest emails from your chosen mailbox, and with the sleep tool, you can check your schedule or the latest sleep data. Game Center lets you instantly start playing a recently played game or watch what your friends are playing, while you’re playing App Store– Shall we ask you for a recent story from App Store Gifts.

#4 widgets
suitable for: iOS 15, iPadOS 15
at smart widget stack You can do this in iOS 15 and iPad 15 Enable widget suggestions. your iPhone or IPAD Then it automatically adds an appropriate widget to your collection, based on the apps you’ve used recently. So your smart stack (if all is well) gets even smarter. The stack not only displays the appropriate widget at the right time based on the widgets already added, but also adds a new widget to the stack. With the push of a button, you can add it to your stack forever.

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#5 Set up a new screen for piles
Suitable for: iOS 15, iPadOS 15
Apple also gave the stack setup screen a touch of paint. It is now much easier to rearrange the order in smart stacks by dragging widgets ‘live’. The buttons at the bottom let you toggle smart rotation on and off and choose whether or not you want widget suggestions for this group. Nothing else has changed in the process here: only the settings display has been revamped.

Set up Stacked UI Elements in iOS 14 vs iOS 15, Set up Stacked UI Elements in iOS 14 vs iOS 15.
iOS 14 vs iOS 15

#6 Hide sensitive information in widgets
Suitable for: iOS 15, iPadOS 15
On your iPad and iPhone, you can also access widgets from the lock screen, even if the device is still locked. Some tools display sensitive information, such as the location of your devices, your bank account balance, or other personal information. User interface elements that contain this sensitive data are now completely hidden, making all tool data invisible. This also applies to data you don’t want to hide. A good example is the large ING tool: the balance of your accounts is no longer visible, but the buttons are no longer to transfer or quickly create a payment request. In iOS 15, developers can choose to hide only parts of UI elements when viewed on a locked device.

More about iOS 15
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