‘Stranger Things’ Unique Prequel, Flanigan With New Netflix Hit, Here You Can Watch the ‘John Wick’ Spinoff

A surprising introduction to Weird things is about to invade the United Kingdom, while Mike Flanagan The fall of the House of Usher Set Netflix on fire. This and more have come to light recently Total series.

Below you can find an overview of the most notable news about soap operas and television in the past few days.

Vecna’s origins are revealed in a unique way Weird things-prefix
From December is a unique prequel to the science fiction fantasy series Weird things To see. If you go to London for a day, you can see the play in the West End Stranger Things: The First Shadow Developed by Netflix and Sonia Friedman Productions.

We see old acquaintances like Hopper, Joyce Byers, Bob Newby, and of course Henry Creel. In the widget The true origin of the monster Vecna open.

Netflix series The fall of the House of Usher It receives very positive reviews
First comments by Mike Flanagan The fall of the House of Usher It is flowing and it is unanimously very positive.

Collider calls it Flanagan’s most traditional horror series to date, but also notes that the series displays complex emotions That makes your heart beat faster.

Where can you watch the series in the Netherlands? Continental: From the world of John Wick?
Yesterday was the first episode of Continental hatching. The new series revolves around the early years of John Wick. It is natural that every fan would want to watch this series, but where can it be streamed in the Netherlands?

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It’s a pretty obvious idea for an introduction to John Wick. However, it can be a very interesting series, which can be found at Prime Video.

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