Stunning satellite images show how a large Russian convoy is heading towards Kiev

Russian forces reinforced their offensive on the capital Kiev by sending a large column of military vehicles from the south towards Kiev on Sunday. This is what Ukraine’s Interior Minister Vadim Denisenko said. Until now, the Russians attacked Kiev mainly from the northeast or northwest. “We know where they are and are ready for it,” he said.


A fight is taking place between Ukrainian and Russian forces for control of the location of an airfield in Vasiklev, southeast of Kiev. Ukrainian sources reported that.

In Priluki, east of Kiev, several Russian tanks were said to have been destroyed. According to the Ukrainian forces, they also managed to repel heavy attacks in the northeastern outskirts of Hostomil and Irpin.

Verified images emerged from the Bucha district, near Kiev, of military vehicles opening fire on homes, causing extensive damage.

Kharkov, a city of over a million people located in northeastern Ukraine, has returned to full control of Ukrainian forces after being overrun by Russian forces earlier on Sunday morning. The provincial governor will teach you.

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