Submarine cable with Morocco: UK excluded?

March 15, 2024 – 08:00 – Morocco


Rumors of a change of partner began to circulate thereafter Bloomberg Xlinks has announced that it is considering moving the UK to Germany. Xlinks strongly denies this. “Morocco and the United Kingdom are at the ‘core’ of the project and a priority for the team,” an Xlinks spokesperson told Recharge. “We are still committed to the United Kingdom,” he added. The spokesperson confirmed that the possibility of tie-ups with other markets such as Germany is being explored. “It’s either or neither, but both and,” the spokesperson insists.

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Xlinks has always had the ambition to make this project “a model for other links supporting the transition to clean and sustainable energy. (…) In that context, we are exploring the possibility of additional routes with markets such as Germany,” the spokesperson said. Last year, Xlinks founder Simon Morrish already announced Refill Another project for a long-haul link that does not include the United Kingdom is already underway and will be announced soon.

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The project to build a 3,800 km submarine power cable between Morocco and the United Kingdom will require a total investment of $21.9 billion. Xlinks is developing a 10.5 GW power plant in Morocco (7 GW solar power and 3.5 GW wind power). Morocco could supply 8% of Britain’s energy needs. According to Xlinks calculations, the installation could provide Britons with 3.6 GW of reliable and clean energy for an average of 20 hours a day.

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