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It’s so close, yet it’s a world of difference. France proves time and time again that it is one of the most difficult countries to do business in World Conquers. The cultural difference between the assertive Dutch and the laid-back French is simply enormous. Also the Everett Link truck Davidic Medical I noticed that. We started very Dutch, let’s get to work. But this didn’t work at all.

For example, Dovideq Medical manufactures endoscope testing equipment. In hospital, an endoscope is inserted into the body, for example during a keyhole surgery. After use, it must be cleaned and tested thoroughly before using the device again. Dovideq develops automated systems by which this endoscope can be tested in one minute. The company is active all over the world, but France turns out to be the biggest stumbling block.

Go with that banana

“We first tried it with a distributor in France,” says Evert Alink in this episode of World Conquerors. “Really Dutch style.” So we had a good chat, and then it was, “Guys, get to work.” And then it didn’t come out much, because that doesn’t work there at all. We’re from Deventer, that is Go with that banana. But you really have to suppress constantly talking about the content. You also have to have nice conversations. And of course make sure that your emails are not in English, but in French.

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Duvidik has also noted that cross-border humor is difficult. They made a great promotional movie just like it was a Hollywood blockbuster. “In this way we want to get rid of the gray suit image that exists in the world of medical devices. But in some countries we have been told that they cannot reach their customers in this way.

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Thus another version of the video followed for Switzerland and the United Kingdom, among other countries. Very narrow and practical, almost boring. “The other was Hollywood for them.”

On this podcast you can hear if the French can still laugh a little with Dovideq Medical’s Evert Alink.

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