Sunny Mother’s Day is coming soon: pleasant balmy temperatures around 20 degrees from Friday to Tuesday

today Large areas quickly appear everywhere. From the west, the clouds will increase again, making it partly cloudy even with a local chance of showering, especially in the west, far east and southeast of the country. This was stated by RMI. The extremes fluctuate between 13 and 19 degrees. And Wednesday evening and night, it will still be variable to partly cloudy. The lower levels drop to 3 to 9 degrees.

tomorrow It will be uneven cloudy, with a chance of some local showers and even thunderstorms, especially along the border with Germany. Mercury climbs to 12 degrees by sea and 19 degrees in the center of the country. Friday It will be cloudy again with a chance of rain. It will also get milder with maximum temperatures of 21 degrees.

Saturday Clear skies and cloudy fields alternate, with the possibility of a few local showers. Thunderstorm is not excluded. Temperatures rise to 20 degrees. Sunday Mother’s Day – It also promises to be sunny with maximum temperatures of 20 degrees. “Then we left for a few days with dry weather with normal sunlight. We’ll keep it at 19-20 degrees,” Hgdorn predicts. Monday And Tuesday.

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