Take care of your health on vacation!

Healthcare providers are there day in and day out to help people who need medical help. This ranges from minor acute problems to life-saving interventions. To be able to provide quality, correct care, healthcare providers (primary care centers, general practitioners, emergency services, etc.) need as much correct medical information as possible. And you can make the difference yourself!

During holiday periods, people come from far away to enjoy the sun, sea, beach, terraces, shopping… When there is some bad luck and medical care is required during the holiday, it is not always possible to refer to the ordinary (family) doctor who has a very good image of his patient. The onshore caregiver does not have access to this information, although this can sometimes be of vital importance.

As a municipality, we believe that it is important not only to provide the best for visitors in terms of pleasure, but also to inform everyone well in order to get faster and better care if needed. So this is the start of a campaign in which we make a heartfelt appeal to all people who are coming to the coast (for a longer period of time). Not only do you make sure you have enough sunscreen, a hat and enough water as standard, but also always check if you have a minimal amount of medical information on hand if medical attention is required.

what should be done?

  • Do you have an acute problem? Go to the nearest help center, where they can see if they can help themselves or they can refer you properly.
  • Bring the correct medication sheet (an overview of the medications you are currently taking with a prescription from your doctor or provide pictures, empty boxes of these medications). Your doctor or pharmacist can help you with this.
  • Provide a list of your (chronic) condition yourself or ask your doctor to upload a Sumehr or “Summary Electronic Health Record” (a summary digital summary of an electronic medical record).
  • Make sure you have enough medication for your stay. Are you still short? Then it is preferable to contact your doctor, so that you will certainly be prescribed the correct medication and dosage.
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