“Take control of your health” seminar in the region

The Land van de Reest Women’s Network will hold a health seminar on Saturday 20 January at the Village Hall in De Wijk.

In recent years, the medical world has been increasingly interested in the differences between men and women with regard to complaints, diagnosis, and treatment. Research on men is still almost always the norm. Even today, this still means that women often do not get the correct diagnosis for their complaints and therefore do not receive the correct treatment. In addition, promoting a healthy lifestyle is an important part of this symposium.

Interactive workshops

The morning program consists of two lectures by well-known speakers and the afternoon program consists of four interactive workshops, of which visitors can choose between two. These workshops are delivered by experts from different fields.

In the morning, Dorith Teunissen, MD and senior researcher at Radboud University, will talk about the impact of gender and sexuality on disease and health. It will also explain the characteristics that play a role in the development of complaints, their nature, and how to deal with them. Examples show why attention to this issue is important to optimally treat men and women.

The second speaker is Miriam Kayger, journalist and author of the book I’m not a man . She asked herself why there were so many women suffering from unexplained health problems? To find an answer, she interviewed several doctors and scientists about the differences between males and females in healthcare. Kayger founded Voices for Women, a platform for women’s advocacy.

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After lunch, and in the afternoon, great attention will be paid to promoting a healthy lifestyle in the form of interactive workshops

Tinky van den Berg, HR coach, discusses ‘Vigor and Resilience’. Jeroen van Velsteren, director of the pre-qualification phase, will take participants on a walking tour based on the principle “Take control of your health and a positive lifestyle”. “How to stay natural and achieve the best in yourself,” explains Aikido instructor Marcel Slomb. Angie De Laat, Physiotherapist, has the topic “Good Mobility or Mobility Scooter?”

For more information and registration: www.vrouwennetwerk-landvandereest.nl.

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