Taking the ultimate selfie in Barcelona's Sagrada Familia church is prohibited to avoid risks

In the world of social media, taking the perfect photo is one of the main goals of many tourists. The classic selfie at Barcelona's Sagrada Familia is often taken from a metro station exit. This trend on TikTok and other social media channels attracted so many people that the municipality eventually had to ban it to prevent risks. See examples at the bottom of this article.

The Metropolitanos de Barcelona transport authority has put up a warning sign to inform people of the ban on taking selfies on the steps of the metro exit. The crowds and danger of crowding on the stairs have led to security guards confronting people as they try to follow this direction.

Social media plays a major role in determining behavior and trends. The desire to capture everything has led many people to search for the perfect place to photograph the Sagrada Familia. The metro exit turned out to be the ideal location, offering a direct view of the basilica's impressive facade.

At this popular selfie spot, tourists place their smartphones on the stairs and then walk outside, with the Sagrada Familia church in the background. This led to an impressive video recording, in which the church suddenly appeared.

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