Talking to your car will never be the same after this update from Google

Google isn’t afraid to try something new and abandon it if it doesn’t work. One of the things Google continues to innovate is the design of its Android Auto car system. Although the previous build was only five months old, Android Auto is now being overhauled again.

Two of them stand out the changes In the new Android Auto 11.2 it’s about how you communicate with your car. From now on, when you activate your Google Assistant, you’ll see the message “Hello, how can I help you?” at the bottom of your screen. To appear. Once you start speaking, the words you say appear on the screen. To ensure that you continue to pay attention to the road, Google gives your answer through the voice system and you cannot see the answer on the screen.

Sending messages will also be different

Using Google Assistant, you can also reply to messages that come to your phone. In the new version, comments appear in a place on your screen not used for navigation. The screen will indicate that you can start speaking.

In addition, there are two large buttons: one if you want to cancel the message and one to send the message. To make sure you remember who you’re messaging, that person’s profile picture now also appears along with their name and the app they’re trying to reach you on.

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The next step in Android Auto will likely involve artificial intelligence, as Google wants to summarize your messages and create more relevant auto-replies.

Google is rolling out the update to Android Auto 11.2 via the Play Store to beta users. The update will reach all users later.

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