#TarkanIsNotAlone: ​​Turkish singer Turkan’s new single turns into a protest song | Music

MusicTurkish pop star Tarkan (49 years old) is currently trending with his new single “Geççek”. Since the song’s release Thursday evening, the accompanying clip has already been viewed with at least 10 million views. The song is especially popular among the Turkish population. The song’s lyrics, without actually giving his name, contain criticism of Turkish President Erdogan’s policies.

As a result, Tarkan’s new song grew into a kind of protest song in just a few days. “Geççek” is also collectively picked on Twitter. There, the song has been shared millions of times in recent days in association with the hashtag #TarkanIsNotAlone. The Turkish pop star sings in his new song about a difficult period in his life. In addition, Tarkan also points out the difficulties that Turkey has faced in recent years. The country is facing an economic crisis. Young people in particular often find this very difficult due to the lack of prospects.


Indirectly, Tarkan also criticizes the policy of Turkish President Erdogan in his new song. The man’s name is not mentioned anywhere, but the people of Turkey can clearly agree with the Cicek text. Erdogan’s opponents eagerly share the Turkish singer’s new song.

Tarkan himself wanted to give hope to the Turkish population with his song. The title of the single “Geççek” means “You will pass”. In this way, the pop star wants to assure his fans that their suffering will end in the future.

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