Teardown Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra shows a new location vibrating motor

The well-known iFixit has posted a tearing video of the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra. The disassembly shows how the manufacturer has integrated the S Pen into the case. A new steam room also appears, which should cool things down during use. However, the most interesting discovery concerns the location of the vibrator motor.

This is actually built into the bottom speaker, rather than the top speaker. According to speculation, Samsung will Taptic Engine From the iPhone, so locating at the bottom would make more sense. The Taptic Engine provides haptic feedback from buttons and the touchpad, and it’s been in iPhones, iPads, Watches, and MacBooks since 2015. According to some, the vibrating motor on the bottom gives less noticeable vibration while the smartphone is in your pocket.

A brittle back and hard-to-remove glue make repairing a new flagship especially difficult. In addition, only a mixture of isopropyl alcohol (a solvent), a suction cup and a lot of patience allows the battery to be removed. At the end of the video, iFixit gives the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra a repairability score of 3 out of 10 — the same as the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but one point lower than the S21.

Source: iFixit

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