Tesla collapses in the fjord, and the passengers are rescued by… Floating Sauna | outside

A strange incident occurred in the center of the Norwegian capital, Oslo, on Thursday: a car fell into the Oslof Fjord, with two passengers on board. The two manage to get out of the sinking car and are saved by…a floating sauna that they happened to have sailed on. The Norwegian police announced this.

You can rent floating saunas on the Oslofjord, some of which are mobile and motorized. “When the car ended up in the water, there appeared to be two people inside,” Oslo police wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “They were saved by the floating sauna.”

Footage from eyewitnesses shows two Tesla occupants taking refuge on the roof of the car, which sinks just before the floating sauna arrives. According to the newspaper Verdens Gang (VG), the driver thought the car was parked on a pier near the fjord when he pressed the accelerator.

In the water you can see a floating sauna that can transport victims to land. © via Reuters

The driver of the floating sauna, Nikolai Nordahl, told VG: “When I saw what happened, I rushed to get to the people who got out of the car.”

“We arrived as the car sank. With the help of the men we caught them. They can warm up in the sauna,” he added.

According to what the media reported, quoting a police official, the two passengers were not injured.

The two occupants of the car were able to crawl onto the roof of the car before it sank.
The two occupants of the car were able to crawl onto the roof of the car before it sank. © Agence France-Presse

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