Tetsuya Nomura: “Kingdom Hearts 4 Quadratum is a kind of afterlife”

Kingdom Hearts 4Director Tetsuya Nomura reveals more information about the New World Quadratum in an interview with Famitsu.

Nomura reveals that the game will feature some well-known locations in Tokyo. For example, there is a version of the skyscraper Shibuya Hikarie and Sora woke up in a room in the Minami-Aoyame neighborhood of Tokyo.

Furthermore, Nomura reveals that the Quadratum acts as an alternate world and that your perspective affects how you perceive something and that this is the theme of the game. The last Masters master perfectly described in Kingdom Hearts Union. That character declared there the following:

“From Sora’s perspective, Quadratum is a fictional world different from reality. But from the point of view of the inhabitants of this world, Quadratum is real and Sora’s world is like a fictional world.”

According to Nomura, Sora looks realistic thanks to being in the Quadratum, but he won’t continue that way throughout the game.

Finally, he reports that the “reaction” button from Kingdom Heart 2 will return in Kingdom Hearts 4 and that the fight in the trailer is based on “scrap and build”.

Developer Square Enix Kingdom Hearts 4 was announced last weekend Moments later, the developer revealed that Kingdom Hearts 4 in Unreal Engine 5 in development

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