The 2023 Norton V4CR is for sale, but not in Europe

With actual sales of the new V4CR models, Norton officially returned to being an engine manufacturer, the company closed its ranks under Stuart Garner in bankruptcy and TVS of India became the new owner. The V4CR was the first new model under new owners, although the CR (Cafe Racer) was built on the same platform as the V4 developed under Garner and is now sold as the V4VS.

The logical question is whether this new model will be available in the UK or outside the UK. We put that question to the engine manufacturer, who unfortunately came back with a (temporary) negative answer. It appears that the UK doesn’t even have design approval yet, but it’s worth noting that each model is considered a category in its own right. ‘Self Creation’ After passing the test, an English license plate is issued Motorcycle single vehicle permit system. Norton is not yet certain about the future that any engines outside of the UK will meet local requirements, which certainly seems to be the case.

“The V4CR is currently only available for sale in the UK, where all our motorcycles pass the Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval test, which does not require Euro 5 homologation. As a company, Norton plans to expand internationally and all our motorcycles must comply with applicable laws when offered for sale in other markets. .– Norton spokesman Andy Murphy

The 72-degree V4 in the V4CR (without the strict European environmental requirements) produces 185 HP and 125 Nm and weighs 204 kg. It’s obvious that engine performance will have to be sacrificed if the model ever makes it to Europe as a homologated model. Until then, potential buyers will have to look at the possibilities based on their own imports; There are (complicated) routes through various European countries that eventually lead to a Dutch license plate…

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