The Acropolis in Athens closed again due to unbearable heat | outside

Mitsotakis warned that “absolute vigilance is required (…) because the most difficult moments are not over yet.” The head of government stressed that “we are facing a new heat wave” and that the winds may become stronger, while the winds have already fanned several severe fires around Athens since Monday.

Like other archaeological sites, the Acropolis was scheduled to be closed from noon until 5:30 pm on Thursday, a measure that will apply until Sunday, but because the guards are out of action, the site will remain closed until 8 pm.

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The thermometer showed 38 degrees Celsius in Athens at midday on Thursday. Greece expected maximum temperatures of 43°C for Thursday and will rise in the coming days to 44-45°C in the center of the country. What worries us is that another rise in temperatures is expected next week. “It will be a heatwave lasting more than 15 days, the longest ever recorded in Greece,” said Kostas Lagovardos, director of the Research Institute at the National Observatory in Athens.

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