The adventure behind the mirror begins

“Dancing With The Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” must mean something to you. The two dance programs have been known on Flemish TV for years. Since we’ve been on TV for a while without our dancing fun, it’s time to get some on-screen action again. This does a In the form of “The Greatest Dancer of Flanders”.

In this new show, the duo show Cesca Shooters and Aster Nziemana I am looking for the greatest dancing talent in Flanders. everyone Between 9 and 99 years old You are welcome to join and you can do it in any style. Whether alone, with two or in a group: everyone can compete for the title of “Greatest Dancer in Flanders”.

behind the mirror

This concept was carried over from the UK and promises to be a little more original than other talent shows. Participants take an “audition” in one Large dance studio with mirror ditto. But behind that mirror, there is an audience of at least 700 people. Everyone casts a vote if 75% “yes” It says the mirror opens and the participants face the audience and the coaches.

There is no jury this time, but three experienced artists who will decide whether to include the participants in their team. The coaches for this first season are the Colombian Belgian Annabelle Lopez Ochoaone of the most sought-after choreographers in the world, dancer Laurie dbwho has been dancing with big stars like Jennifer Lopez for years, and Nils Distadsbaderwho may not have the best dance techniques but knows the best way to entertain an audience.

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The Big Picture

By the way, this program is not only about your dance performance, but also about you Character and story. Especially how you convey this whole picture to the audience. The test actually begins when the candidate is Enter our reception in flor. The audience is watching that conversation and you really get a feel for whether people like the candidate,” says trainer Laurienne.

He chooses Niels, Lauren and Annabelle at the end of the exams Three favourites With those who want to continue working and who will give their best in a few shows. One of them wins the title of greatest dancer of Flanders and one Nice cash prize.

Watch “The Greatest Dancer in Flanders” from February 4th every Saturday at 8:20pm on One or wherever you are via or the Pickx app.

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