The Android Spring Update adds a lot of good things

Google today announced a series of new features that will soon be available on Android. You can schedule messages and your device will be more secure.

The new password checker should better manage and protect your passwords. TalkBack, Maps, Assistant, and Android Auto screen reader also get new features. All updates are grouped into An upgrade will be released in the spring. To clarify, this is not an entirely new Android version.

Better security

Password verification will appear soon for devices running Android 9 or higher. The app will notify you if you are using an old password somewhere that has been exposed. For this, the feature works hand in hand with Autofill. This allows you to quickly sign up for almost all Google services and apps on Android. Password Checker will compare your password list to the leaked password list. If there is a security risk, the feature will suggest a solution. The app can also redirect you to your existing Google password manager for necessary adjustments.

Message scheduling

Die-hard people also have something to look forward to. First time messages can be scheduled and sent later. Message nerds have been waiting for this opportunity for many years. This way you can pre-write a message and only send it when you think it is more convenient. This can be useful if you want to chat with friends or family in a different time zone or to avoid disturbing someone who has to fall asleep early. To use this function, you need the latest version of Android Messages.

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Greater ease of use

Another important part of the update is the TalkBalk accessibility solution. Soon he will be able to better serve the blind and partially sighted. Users will be able to navigate their devices more easily by using their voices. Reading, writing, sending emails, or using social media will become a lot easier soon.

Finally, Google has made some smaller adjustments within Maps, its assistant, and Android Auto. Maps will now also be in Dark mode It can be used. Notifications on the lock screen will also be easier to read. In Android Auto, you will be able to set your own wallpaper and play voice controlled games like Trivia and Jeopardy. According to Google, the Android Auto update will appear “in the coming days.” Older Android devices with version 6 and later will also support it.

For all other updates, keep waiting until “sometime in the spring”.

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