The Batman movie is unlike any other movie and Bruce Wayne is very eccentric

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After he released an early version of Batman The actor saw Robert Patterson That this movie feels completely different than anything before. He also says that his Bruce Wayne movie is not like the Wayne we know from other movies.

This is what Pattinson said during an interview with GQ. “I saw an early version of the movie and the first shot was so different from any other Batman movie that it’s really different in tone. […] From the first shot, I immediately noticed: “Oh, that’s a really detective story.”

different style

Not just the movie Batman Completely different, and this version of Bruce Wayne will also be completely different from previous versions of the character.

Pattinson shared that Bruce Wayne is just an outsider: “He doesn’t have a playboy personality, whatsoever. He’s cranky like Bruce and cranky like Batman.”

“You usually see Bruce in the movies he goes away and trains and he comes back to Gotham and he thinks, ‘I’m going to change him here,’ but in this movie the implication is that he had a breakdown.”

Batman It takes place entirely outside the DC Extended Universe. It will be a very dark Batman movie, one of the rated PG-13 movies in the UK.

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