The beauty of science books

A book about the books that have played a part in history will make every book lover’s mouth water. Especially if it’s beautifully spread too. in Books that made history A select group of authors, led by Leiden University librarians Kasper van Uumen and Garrett Verhoeven, have written a short chapter on an important book at a time. Highly recommended for a day of fun watching and educational reading.

Stories about 26 books

The Leiden University Library has published several books in collaboration with Atheneum Publishers in recent months. Two of them were on the bestseller lists in the Netherlands last week. The accompanying exhibition at Books that made history It is also a success.

Where was the book previously published? Frontier Explorations Sometimes he is annoyed by petty Kester Freriks who are often stupid and arrogant, Books that made history Undoubtedly wonderful. Only one or two of the stories about the 26 books are a little disappointing. The fact that the focus is on the association with Leiden University should not be a problem for you as a filming to enjoy this book..

About wonderful acquaintances and strangers

Personally, I probably enjoyed the short articles on Scaliger, Waghenaer, Descartes, Grotius, De Vries, Huygens, and Huizinga a lot. This is because they have been a part of my interests for a long time. But this pleasant encounter with old acquaintances is perhaps less important than the acquaintance with wonderful strangers. Julius, Worm, or Captein, for example. However, the question is whether the spoiler alert applies here.

The chapter on Jacobs Julius and his Latin-Arabic dictionary is so captivating that it is almost unbearable that it consists of only eight pages including transcription. If the author, Arnoud Vrolijk, gave an entire evening lecture on the topic, you shouldn’t miss the real language or history obsessed with it at all.

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The same is true of Marika Kiplosik’s article on the collector’s Ole Worm, which perfectly captures the phenomenon of the early modern period. Wunderkammer suit. The real find is a piece about the Jacobus Captain. This African man is discussed in a very meticulous manner in an article by researcher Karwan Fatah-Black which is much controversial on Twitter. Read and then google until the early hours.

Hussain Jagadeningrat

Perhaps the reader has already vaguely heard about many of the described books. Even by looking at street names or perusing auction catalogs of vintage prints. This ink worker had never heard of Hoesein Djajadiningrat despite taking Bahasa Indonesian language courses a few decades ago. Djajadiningrat was the first Indonesian student to receive a PhD at Leiden.

This guardian son delivers a beautiful story and He cleared the job for many “natives” to come and study in Leiden. Only in 2020 did he receive recognition from the President of Indonesia for his achievements in the field of Indonesian science. They are currently working on a resume thanks to crowdfunding.

Nice book arrangement

Going through both excellent pictures of a book and an author would drive us too far in the review and might spoil the guaranteed reading pleasure a bit.

Athena books are usually very well published. But in this case, the publisher has outdone itself. The four-color print in and of itself, with beautiful reproductions of front panels, maps, engravings, etc., is well worth picking up on this brochure. The page design and font are also very elegant and interesting. The cover and sponsorship of Frederic de Waal is commendable, as is the photocopying or scanning of books discussed by the Leiden University Library.

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The tactile experience of the nice smooth paper and discreet cover (uncoated glossy) with the plates is one to think about.

This book is a must for lovers of history, old books, beautiful copies and fascinating facts.

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