The best sunscreen of 2024 for your head and absolute recommendations

Well, now it’s time to apply sunscreen. What is the best sunscreen of 2024 for your face? What are the recommendations? That’s why we use the Consumers Association, which has conducted extensive testing.

This specific test of facial sunscreen looked at optimal protection against the sun, but also other factors. The Consumers Association took into account protection factors, SPF, UV filters, ease of use and ingredients. People who like to enjoy baking on a holiday bed by the pool won’t easily choose the Factor 50, but this is still recommended. Healthy skin is more important (and in our opinion, more attractive) than suntanned skin.

The best sunscreen of 2024 for your face

The Consumers Association used the following criteria in testing the best sunscreen for your face: protection, ease of use, durability, and label. The latter concerns clarity and reliability.

Avene Invisible Fragrance Free Cream SPF50+

Avene Crème sans Perfume finiInvisible SPF50+ came out as a best buy, with a final score of 7.1. According to the Consumers Association, this cream provides the protection promised by the manufacturer, contains no allergens and no Red List microplastics. However, microplastic particles from the orange list were found. This sunscreen will cost you 21 euros.

Avene Cream sans Perfume finiInvisible SPF50+ The best facial sunscreen of 2024 according to the Consumers Association
(Image: Aljada)

Reman P20 for sensitive faces with SPF50+

The Riemann P20 Sensitive Face SPF50+ is also a winning sunscreen with a 7.1 rating, but it costs €28.99. However, they are completely free of microplastics, including the orange slate. This cream scores 8.2 for protection with UV protection. Riemann P20 Sensitive Face SPF50+ is a little worse for the environment than Avene Crème sans Perfume finiInvisible SPF50+.

Riemann P20 Sensitive Face SPF50+ Best sunscreen of 2024 according to Consumers Association
(Photo: Rayman)


In addition to the winners, there are also a number of absolute recommendations:

  • Rituals Invisible Sun Protection Face Cream SPF50+ (Rituals says it does not acknowledge the Consumers Association test results in 2024. The brand is conducting an investigation based on the testing.)
  • Nivea Sun UV Face Sensitive SPF50 (Nivea also stated that it “completely disagrees” with the test.)
  • Biotherm Water Lover Facial Sunscreen with SPF50
  • Lancaster Oil-Free Milky Facial Fluid for Sensitive Skin with SPF5
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Complete testing from the Consumers Association

Looking at Here is the full test To get the best sunscreen for your face in 2024. For this you must be a member of the Consumers Association, which is possible starting from 5.25 euros per month. Tip: You can get a free 7-day trial subscription.

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