The British government is greatly shaken: former Prime Minister Cameron is the new Foreign Secretary | RTL News

Braverman had to leave after the riot due to police policy regarding demonstrations. She independently wrote an opinion piece in the English newspaper The Times about the case and suggested that the police were biased. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak later said he did not support the article and was not aware of it.

Pro-Palestinian demonstration

The dispute between Sunak and Braverman broke out mainly over a pro-Palestinian demonstration on National Remembrance Day last Saturday. Over the weekend, the media reported that Sunak wanted to get rid of Braverman.

Braverman clashed with fellow party members and opposition members over her positions on police actions at demonstrations.

She stated in her article in The Times that the police are more flexible when it comes to left-wing protesters and “pro-Palestinian crowds.” Many politicians were angry that the minister himself was undermining confidence in the police.

‘Sudden move’

Cameron’s return was a surprise, reporter Anne Sainen told RTL Z News. “No one would have expected this appointment to come to one of the most important ministerial positions. No one would have thought that the changes that Prime Minister Sunak is making in his government would be so significant. It is a very special step, because it is the first time in 60 years that a former Prime Minister will return To the government.”

Initial reactions to Cameron’s appointment were fairly positive, including from his own party. You should really look at this step in light of the national elections that will be held in Great Britain next year. The Conservatives are doing very poorly in the polls.

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The opposition Labor Party recently told Sunak it was time for change after 13 years of Conservative rule. Prime Minister Sunak has clearly responded to this. He wants to show that he can change. It is clear that Cameron’s appointment also represents a move towards the left political spectrum. “And you must not forget that although Cameron is less popular in Britain because of his Brexit past, he is a very well-known figure on the international scene.”

“Sunak is buying experience by appointing Cameron. Cameron himself was based at 10 Downing Street, and is an experienced politician. But, as has been said, this is still an unexpected and surprising move. Admittedly, if you compare it to the Prime Minister, Sunak is buying experience by appointing Cameron. “He backed down, but as a member of the House of Lords, which Cameron was relegated to, he has now become a minister again in one fell swoop, so in that respect, it’s a step forward.”

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