The Cabinet wants to make exports less polluting

The Cabinet wants to work with other countries to ensure exports are less polluting. State Minister Hans Philbreve (Tax Law) said the Netherlands has joined a leading group of European countries. Together, they agreed to investigate how to reduce financial support for exports related to fossil energy projects.

This relates, for example, to insuring the risks associated with the construction of pipelines for oil projects by Dutch rigs. In addition to the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom also participate in this leading group. According to the agreements, coal-fired power plants and coal-related projects will not receive export financing.

On the other hand, sustainable exports are stimulated, for example the parts or knowledge required for renewable energy projects. Countries are taking measures to encourage exports for green projects. It is also examining whether the climate impact of export finance can be measured.

Philpreve says the formation of the leadership group is “a good start to a greener future”. “This is really good news, for the Netherlands as an exporting country and for the climate.”

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