The De Valkaart Vaccination Center is ready to go –

In mid-January, it became clear that two vaccination centers would be built in the WE40 primary care area: one in De Groene Meerssen for residents of Jabbeke and Zedelgem and one in De Valkaart for residents of Beernem and Oostkamp.

Jos Sypé, Eveline Dubois and Jan de Keyser at the vaccination center © photo GS

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Meanwhile, the vaccination center at the De Valkaart Sports Complex is fully operational. For the first time, on Tuesday 23 February, health care providers were vaccinated. In recent weeks, a lot of work has been done on designing and organizing both centers of vaccination. Thanks to the good cooperation between the municipalities, and the great preparation of employees and partners, two vaccination centers were prepared within two weeks. Counters and vaccination booths were built, working spaces for the pharmacy and the doctor were set up, the IT infrastructure was created, signals were provided, and staff planning was adjusted. Residents of Oostkamp and Beernem enter the vaccination center at the back of the gym in De Valkaart where they are greeted at the tables for necessary procedures. Complete separation “Then they receive the vaccine in four vaccination lines, each of which has two vaccination booths. After that, a large waiting area is provided for a mandatory 15-minute rest after the injection. Then they can leave the vaccination center in the front. This arrangement means that there is complete separation from the rest of the sports and cultural complex, and the top floor hall, theater hall, mat hall and swimming pool will remain available for other activities, according to vaccination coordinator Evelyn Dubois. The construction of the vaccination center has been a process of constant updating as new information becomes available from the higher government. Everything is now ready to start as soon as the vaccines arrive. This is provided from March for patients over the age of 65 and at risk. Earlier this week, the dry exercise, an exercise with logistics and medical services, was successfully completed. Mayor Jean de Keyser van Ostkamp and José Sebre van Bernem underwent the vaccination process, although no injection was obtained, after which it could be determined, with some improvements, that the vaccination center in Falkart was ready to receive the masses. Starting Tuesday, February 23, healthcare providers at the vaccination center will be vaccinated first. This is also a final good practice for a smooth training course. Expansion is possible in the WE40 primary care district (Jabbeke, Zedelgem, Oostkamp and Beernem), the choice is made between daytime vaccination during the first phase, vaccination of people over 65 years of age and high-risk patients. This is not only more convenient to operate, but also more comfortable for visitors. Especially in the winter months. If there is a need for expansion due to more vaccines being delivered, this is easily possible. More grafting lines can be created and / or longer hours saved. In addition to the vaccination center, a call center has been established. Residents can go here to make their appointment after receiving their invitation. The number is reported once the process is run. Municipal residents will soon receive an information sheet with all the necessary information that a citizen should have before going to the vaccination center. The municipalities also carry out an awareness campaign with the aim of achieving the highest possible vaccination coverage among their residents. (Goods and services tax)

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