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Retailer Choi destroyed Ferrero Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs from a recall. It concerns 402 pcs Kinder Surprise T3 and 47 pcs Kinder Choko Bons White. The ministry stated that the destruction occurred on Thursday under the supervision of the Economic Control Department (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ).

Salmonella had spread to a number of countries in Europe at the beginning of April. Various media reported 142 cases on Saturday 9 April, including in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. This mainly concerns children under the age of ten. The outbreak was soon linked to a factory in Belgium, Ferrero, that produces surprise chocolate eggs, which are popular with young children.

Belgian authorities forced the Ferrero factory in Arles, producer of Kinder chocolate, to close due to the spread of salmonella. All Kinder products from this manufacturer had to be removed from the shelves of Belgian and Dutch stores.

The outbreak was characterized by an unusually high proportion of children in hospitals. Some had severe symptoms, such as bloody diarrhea. Preliminary investigations found that certain chocolate products were identified as a potential route of infection.

BOG is unaware and slow to respond

It was also found that these eggs are available in Suriname. However, the Office of Public Health (BOG) was not aware of the recoveries in several European countries on Friday, April 8. BOG’s acting director, Radjesh Ori, had to hear this from the editors of Dagblad Suriname on Friday, April 8, who asked him to respond.

So there was no immediate question about a local withdrawal.

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Sweetheart store in Paramaribo was the only one to issue a warning via social media out of a sense of responsibility. “We advise everyone to discard Kinder Surprise Eggs from Ferrero! We have also removed Kinder Surprise Eggs from the collection as a precaution until we get more information from our supplier!” the store said.

It was only at noon on Sunday, April 10, that the Ministry of Health came out with a message under the headline: “Public health alerts the community,” so days after there were recalls in various other countries, it was possible for children in Suriname to eat Kinder Surprise eggs.

Now, Thursday, April 28, the Department of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation reports that research by the Consumer Affairs Department has shown that Choi’s and Sweetheart stores sell Kinder Surprise Chocolate from manufacturer Ferrero.

The department said Sweetheart will begin destroying its recalled 620 Kinder Surprise Eggs at a date yet to be determined.

By the way, it is not clear which “choi shops” are involved.

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