The developer of Splitgate wants to be the next riot games

Riot Games, of course, the creator of the popular PC game League of Legends, has been at the forefront of PC gaming for nearly a decade. It’s a feat that 1047 Games are jealous of, and their ambition is to achieve the same success as Riot.

Splitgate has been in Early Access for a while, but last summer the game suddenly became very popular. So common, in fact, that investors have raised $100 million to invest in the project. Now that 1047 Games has enough money to properly support the game, they can dream a lot bigger. in conversation With TechCrunch, Ian Proulx, CEO of 1047 Games, says the following:

There’s a lot we couldn’t think of because we were a small team with a small budget, but now everything is on the table. We are focused on the long term – I see the game is 25% complete. We don’t need to be Fortnite tomorrow, but now it’s about building the next Riot Games, the next big gaming company.

It remains to be seen if the developer of Splitgate will actually become Riot’s next game. For now, the studio’s number one priority is to make sure the entire player base doesn’t move to the new Call of Duty, Battlefield, or Halo when these shooters launch later this year.

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