The Dino Son and Bone shooter has brutal finishing blows

Anyone playing the trailer below will notice that Son and Bone has a similar concept to Cowboys & Aliens. It’s as ironic as it is interesting, even though we’re traveling to the past rather than the future. After all, in the game you can shoot dinosaurs with pistols. And finish with crazy finishes.

As a player you take on the role of Sheriff Sam Judge. When a farm in your province is attacked by notorious bandits, you set out to rescue the farmers and teach the criminals how to fight. When he comes face to face with the thieves, it soon becomes clear that this gang has many strange motives. Not long after, the Judge awakens to a new world, where dinosaurs rule. And so he must use his deadliest moves of persuasion.

Of course, it looks quite outdated, although it must be said that the gameplay looks very fun. This has a lot to do with the super finishing moves and quick DooM-style controls. A title that combines elements of Turok and DooM in a Wild West setting? It can work well. Although it must be said that the game is in the hands of Quantum Error Teamkill Studio. Considering that game was one of the worst releases of 2023, we’ll have to wait a little longer…

what do you think? Great concept?

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