The Dutchman dies in front of his filming partner while jumping off the cliff of Mallorca | abroad

A 31-year-old Dutchman died Thursday afternoon in Mallorca when he jumped off a cliff. He crashed into stones and then disappeared into the waves.

According to emergency services, the tourist jumped off a 25-meter-high cliff in the Malgrats Islands, located off the coast of Santa Ponca in the southwest of the Spanish island, around 1.45 pm. Local media reported that his partner filmed the jump from a boat with her cell phone and watched him smash into the rocks before sinking into the sea and disappearing into the waves.

In the photos, she was photographed against sunlight and published on a news website The newspaper Diario de Mallorca, A dark shadow appears standing on top of a cliff, jumping down with encouragement from onlookers and crashing into jagged rocks just before the water’s surface, before bouncing off his body and disappearing into the waves. “Oh, my God,” cried a woman from a boat in horror. Then the picture stops.

While the victim’s friend was receiving psychological assistance, the Civil Guard (Spanish Military Police) and the Naval Search and Rescue Brigade (Sasmar) began the search for the victim. A rescue boat and a helicopter have been deployed as well as a team specialized in searching underwater for people or objects (JES).

A spokesperson told Spanish news agency EFE that this underwater Guardia Civil team has now located the body at the sea floor. Emergency services are on site and we hope to recover the remains in the coming hours.

The Dutchman had sailed to the uninhabited islands with his partner and their son in a chartered boat. Once he reached, he climbed to the highest part of the cliff and jumped to the bottom. However, he misjudged his jump and crashed into the rocks at the base of the cliff. His dead body sank after that.

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