The European Union is talking about imposing sanctions on Russia

What sanctions should the EU impose on Russia to prevent a further escalation of the conflict with Ukraine? Outgoing Foreign Minister Ben Knappen will discuss this with his European colleagues today in Brussels.

The build-up of Russian forces on the border with Ukraine is closely monitored. According to Ukraine, 100,000 Russian soldiers are now stationed and there are fears of a Russian invasion. VVD Member of Parliament Robin Breckelmanns hopes the EU will take tough sanctions against Moscow to avoid this. The sanctions package is important because we want to deter Russia from launching a military attack on Ukraine.

“Once the sanctions package is ready, Russia will know that the attack has huge costs,” explains Brekelmans in Good Morning Netherlands on NPO 1: “It would be good if the sanctions package harmed the Russian economy as much as possible.”

So he calls for sanctions against banks and financial institutions. “The moment you can shut it down, it will have a huge impact right away.”

Germany shuts down Nord Stream 2 in a raid

Germany will shut down the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline anyway when Russia Ukraine Invades. German Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock confirmed on Sunday that they had agreed with the Americans. Nord Stream 2 extends from Russia to Germany.

“In the event of a further escalation, it will not be possible to operate this gas pipeline,” Barbock told German TV channel ZDF. She made her remarks after the weekend G7 meeting on tensions with RussiaAnd before a meeting with their European counterparts on Monday.

German Chancellor Olaf Schulz also spoke during a visit to Poland earlier on Sunday about the controversial Nord Stream 2, a pipeline that transports gas directly from Russia It will be delivered to Germany. According to the United States, the gas pipeline will increase Europe’s dependence on Russian gas. That would Russia Enabling political pressure on vulnerable countries in Eastern and Central Europe, including Ukraine.

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Then Schulz said that despite the American criticism, Germany would remain committed to this Ukraine As a transit route for gas to Europe. “We continue to feel responsible for ensuring the continued success of gas transportation operations in Ukraine,” Schulz said.

However, Barbock’s statements shortly after the G7 meeting suggested that Germany would review this position if, for example, Russia conflict with decisions Ukraine to escalate militarily.

The Group of Seven forms a front against Russia

And the G7 ministers agreed last weekend in Liverpool, England, to form a united front against the purposeful Russian aggression. Ukraine. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said countries should stand up for the “free world”.

Truss said a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine A “fatal tactical error” would have “grave consequences.”

The G7 consists of Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The European Union also participates in the sessions, but it is not a country and therefore not an official member.

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