The executive board also wants less oversight, but “we must ensure the quality of the tests.”

Fighting second camera fraud in online home exams: a stressful procedure for many students. So nearly eight hundred students joined forces and signed an important letter to the Executive Board (CvB) on Monday. The University Council’s twelve students are also called the Executive Board In an open letter To think about scale.

On Tuesday, the university council is discussing the controversial measure with the executive council. “This is a step in the wrong direction,” said student and councilor Van Damme. “We want to know how often monitoring is used in home exams and we suggest looking for alternatives more often. The pressure and the violation of privacy from a second camera should outweigh the importance of the validity of the tests.”

Because of the technical problems and the stress it causes among students, the Executive Board also wants to reduce the number of monitored exams. “It’s actually not a perfect solution,” admits Chairman Ed Brinkma at EM TV. It also sees problems with the second camera. “I understand the objections. Soon you feel that” Big Brother is watching you. “

However, according to Brinkma, it is not always possible to switch to alternatives, such as the open book exam or the essay test. Because it has recently become evident that the current surveillance method can be circumvented with little intrusiveness, the use of a second camera remains essential. “We have to guarantee the quality of exams and diplomas.”

Last week, econometrics student Robert Rogge began an action against the second camera with board member Yunus Aso. They have written a critical letter on the matter to the Executive Board. The message was Signed by students 786 EUR.

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In addition to privacy violations, students are primarily concerned with technical issues that may arise. “It should serve as a prop, but students mainly see this as an additional concern,” says Rogge.

So far, Erasmus University is the only university in the Netherlands that uses a second camera. Rog thinks that’s cool. I wonder: Are certificates from other universities invalid? It turns out that one camera is more than enough for effective surveillance. “

Rogge hopes the conversation between the University Council and the Executive Council on Tuesday will lead to something. University motto: Make Minds matter. In this case, I hope that “student opinions matter,” because the University Council and all the students who signed the letter should not be ignored. “

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