The Find My Device option is now also available for offline devices

Google is rolling out an important update to its Find My Device network: you can now find smartphones and accessories even when they’re offline. This has been possible in the United States for a while.

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The Find My Device feature is also available for smartphones that are not connected to the Internet

Google is giving its Find My Device network in the Netherlands a big upgrade. Until now, this feature only worked over WiFi. If your smartphone or tablet isn’t connected to the Internet, you won’t be able to find it.

Find my device offline

This is changing now. After the update, the network uses not only WiFi but also Bluetooth. This way you can also track devices when they don’t have a WiFi connection. This applies not only to phones and tablets, but also to wireless earbuds that you have connected to your device via Fast Pair. You can also find trackers that you attach to your wallet or bag, for example.

You will receive a notification on your Android device if the feature is enabled within three days. It is possible to opt out of this. The new Find My Device network uses other devices to transmit your device’s location. Your smartphone does the same thing to help others track their devices or trackers. Google says the sites are well-encrypted and invisible to others.

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Apple preceded Google

Google already implemented this change in the US last month. The search giant has been late to this. Apple presents Archrival ‘Find’The app, which works exactly the same way.

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