The first film shot outside Earth: the Russian actress …

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For the first time in history, a movie was filmed outside Earth. Almost two weeks later, actress Julia Peresild (37) ended her work on the International Space Station. The Russian actress and director landed on the ground on Sunday morning.

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Actress Yulia Peresild, 37, photographer and producer Klim Sibenko, 38, and cosmonaut Oleg Novitsky, 50, who has been in space for six months, returned to Earth at night from Saturday to Sunday in the detached Soyuz capsule. The International Space Station, about 420 kilometers above Earth. The spacecraft landed in the steppes of Kazakhstan as scheduled at 4:36 a.m., according to live images from the Russian Space Agency.

For the first time in history, a movie was filmed outside Earth. Peresild is starring in a new Russian movie visa(the challenge). In the movie, Nowitzki became unwell. He can’t return to Earth, so the surgeon played by Peresild goes to space to operate on him and save his life. The events of the last half hour of the film take place on the space station. It is not yet known when the movie will be released.


For Russia, photography is a source of income and a way to advertise itself. Moscow is also overcoming its eternal rival, the United States. Actor Tom Cruise also wants to go to the International Space Station in a short period of time to shoot a movie there. SpaceX is engaged to entrepreneur Elon Musk.

There are currently seven people living on the International Space Station: three Americans, two Russians, a Japanese and a Frenchman.

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