The first Healthy Chef János cookbook (16) is now on sale

He is not yet 17 years old, and he suffers from autism, but he is a rising star in the culinary field. Feel free to contact Health Chef Janos Collimbert from Turhout as a phenomenon. With an audience that extends beyond national borders and as followers of big names such as Sandra Baccari, Pascal Niesens and Claudia van Avermaet. And now even with his cookbook, which was advertised for a while, but effectively only on sale a week ago.

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90 Healthy Recipes, also for János Oven and Air Dishwasher Bars as he receives his first batch of his cardboard boxes. Title 90 Healthy Recipes, also for the oven and fryer is the science that covers the load. Or at least not quite, because the number turned out to be incorrect. In fact, the reader gets at least 100 recipes. Janos laughs: “My mother and I have come back a little careless.” There is also pea soup from “Bonneke” in János’ book, on October 17, he lives with his mother, Sabine Van Wichelen, 51, in an apartment in Ravenhofstraat. About six years ago, when Janos was suffering more and more from autism and had to pay attention to his health for what he was eating, Sabine helped him prepare some dishes and posted them on Facebook. The perfect move, as it turned out, because the boy with it got a lot of positive feedback and got more and more followers. This boosted his confidence. He still posts a dish or two on social media every day, and says proudly, “As Healty Chef János, I already have over 24,000 followers on Facebook.” “All happy people because I encourage you to cook delicious and healthy. Beware: my book contains healthy recipes but it is not a diet book. By the way, there is something very solid in it: delicious pea soup from my late grandmother, Bonneki. This family recipe must not be missing. I am glad Pretty much because my grandfather Josef van Wychelen could try publishing my book. He is now 90 and also lives in Tarhout. I dedicate the book to him.” As Healty Chef János, I already have over 24,000 followers on Facebook.90 healthy recipes, as well as for the oven and scrubber Air, published by Dutch Boekscout and printed on demand. This way, Janos and his mother don’t risk any surpluses. The demand is great. There are also autograph sessions, including on the afternoon of Saturday 6 November at Standaard Boekhandel in Burg in Torhout. Sabine took the beautiful pictures for the book and Tinky Ailliet from Tielt took care of the layout. Four well-known names contributed to it: Pascal Nessens and Claudia van Avermaet, chef Philips Martin Saunders and athletic trainer and nutritionist Delphine Stellant. “I had to re-cook all the dishes for the photos my mom took. I give recipes and tips for breakfast, snacks, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts and pastries. Recipes that can also be prepared in the oven and pans. To cook with pleasure and live a healthy life.” Janos dreams of becoming a TV chef who goes To school at Ter Zee in Ostend, where he follows BuSO’s guidance for industrial kitchen worker and communicates perfectly with cooking teacher Hans Eilot. However, the industrial kitchen does not lose its interest. “I’d rather have a bar food. Or take part in the kitchen of one of the great restaurants like De Mangerie in Bruges. My biggest dream is to become a TV chef. How do I want to do that! Although I realize that it will not be easy to achieve this dream. Although János usually takes over the entire kitchen in the house and his mother should only enjoy his delicious preparations, he received culinary stimulation from her. She is a baker by training and has also received some cooking training. Back in the day, she’s been running a bakery on the corner of Kortemarkstraat and Rijselstraat for nearly ten years. 90 healthy recipes, also for ovens and pans, Healty Chef János Coulembier, 214 pages, €24.99,

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