The first injection is given today at the De Kupe Vaccination Center in Diksmuide –

Today, the starting injection of the first 200 AstraZeneca vaccines was given at the De Kupe Vaccination Center in Dexmode. Previously, the procedure was fully implemented and tested during a “dry run”. Petra Smit (46) from Likah today received her first injection.

Petra Smit receives the first injection, under the direction of doctors Robert Belol and Water Demonk (far right). © MYRIAM VAN DEN PUTTE MVQ

The first 200 vaccines are intended for primary care providers (doctors, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists …). A second injection of this vaccine, which is currently only given to people under the age of 55, will follow after about 12 weeks. In addition to AstraZeneca, Belgium has subscribed to the vaccines Janssen Pharmaceutica, Pfizer-BioNTech, CureVac and Moderna. With the exception of AstraZeneca, most vaccines are on a two-dose schedule with a 3 to 4 week interval.

Petra Smit was the first to sign up and discovered her calling on her smartphone this morning. She works in the home care of Familiehulp and was first received into a memory room where she was asked some questions about medication use or possible allergic reactions.

The coordinating physicians, Dr Robert Beloll and Dr Wouter Demoink, were always available to assist if needed or to perform an additional examination. “Dr. Laurens Caenepeel is responsible for the medical experts involved in all protocols,” explained Quinn Delerck, head of Westkust & Polder’s primary care district, to which Diksmuide belongs.

20 injections per hour

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“Good work was done in a short time! The result was impressive thanks to the smooth and constructive cooperation with all public authorities. We will probably adjust a little more based on the initial results. We will start vaccinating about 15 people per hour per vaccination line, but we can gradually increase that to 20 persons per hour.Once adequate vaccinations are delivered, vaccinations can also be done 7/7. ”After the short interview, Petra was ready for injection. “I didn’t feel anything at all, it was a soft injection,” she laughed before heading to the waiting area for a mandatory 15-minute “rest”. “Bieke Vanslembrouck has been appointed in charge of the vaccination center. In addition, 25 employees have been assigned: 4“ vaccinators ”for the four vaccination lines, 2 people per vaccination line A and B, chief physician, pharmacist and 10 supervisors.” “Alle Diksmuidelingen (approx.) 13000) You will receive their invitation, either by post, text message, or email. Contains the website or phone number to confirm whether you will accept the invitation. Once this is confirmed, the appointment is set, and you are expected to go to the vaccination center at that time The second vaccination is done with the same vaccine as the first dose. All vaccinations are registered with the name and batch number in Vaccinnet so that everyone receives the correct second dose. You will also receive a vaccination card after the first vaccination, stating which vaccine was vaccinated and when you will receive the second dose. ”(MVQ) to all questions Operation, you can call 051 70 19 76 every working day. Information can be found on the government website

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