“The French make you feel bad because you don’t speak their language”: American Angela hits a nerve with a bad experience in Lyon | for travel

I would not recommend France to solo travelers or anyone who does not speak French as it is a very isolated experience. American tourist Angela causes a sensation with her testimony from Lyon. In short: the city is beautiful, but the problem is all these French people.


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Angela, a TikTok star from San Francisco, California, recently earned her Ph.D. She is celebrating this with a tour through several European countries that has already taken her to Venice, Rome, Munich, Berlin and Copenhagen. She travels alone, but says she is sociable and connects quickly with locals. This works even with the “cold” Germans, but fails in Lyon.

“People here seem so indifferent,” she says in the viral video, which begins with a gasp. “I feel very isolated. People make you feel bad because you don’t know their culture or speak their language.

Angela visited Lyon because she wanted to discover the “capital of gastronomy”. She chose a special period because she was disappointed on December 31 that many restaurants closed early. You expected to enjoy “foie gras and snails.”

I even bought a French hat

French hat

The video sparked a lot of reactions, most of them from France itself. “Life here is not like the ‘Emily in Paris’ reaction that often occurs. The fact that Angela is disappointedly informed that she ‘bought a French hat’ is not surprising.

Some admit that the French can be a bit inhospitable, or even “bitter”, while others suggest areas in Lyon where it will be easier to get to know people. Raniatab answers: “I have been living in France for five years and I don’t have a single friend yet.” “The only person I did anything socially with was de facto.”

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Meanwhile, Angela’s trip got even crazier when she returned to Italy from Zurich, Switzerland. She was robbed by pickpockets at a Milan train station, but the police managed to catch the perpetrators and gave her a police car. “They could speak English,” she writes precisely.

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